Friday, May 04, 2007

ein bisschen "off topic", aber...

ein kleiner witz für das ende des jahres. XD

Two strangers meet in London. They start on a conversation but they have to use their dictionary quite often.

- Hello Sir, how goes it you?
- Oh, thank you for the afterquestion.
- Are you already long here?
- No, first a pair days. I'm not out London.
- Thunderweather, that overrushes me. You see not so out.
- That can yes beforcome. But now what other. My hair stood to mountain as I the traffic saw. So much cars give it here.
- You are heavy on the woodway if you believe that in London horsedroveworks go.
- Will we now beer drink go? My throat is outdried. But look, there is a guesthouse, let us man there go!
- That is a good think: Equal goes it loose. I will only my shoeband close.
- Here we are. Make me please the door open.
- But there is a beforhangingcastle, the economy is to. How sorry! Then I will go back to the hotel, it is already retard. On againsee!
- Oh, yes I will too go. Auf Wiedersehen!
- Nanu, sind Sie Deutscher?
- Ja, Sie auch? Das wundert mich aber. Ihr Englisch ist so hervorragend, dass ich es gar nicht gemerkt hätte.


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Larissa said...

Total witzig!

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Stela said...

hahaha, das war sehr lustig :)

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Jennifer Stewart said...

Hey, man muss nicht Deutscher sein, auf solche Art zu sprechen...this coming from the person who, while doing Greek homework, once asked someone, "What for a Verb is that?" Ja, ich weiss, es war sehr peinlich.


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